Race Report 10/24/10
Lee USA Speedway

Piekarski Wins Oktoberfest at Lee USA Speedway

Lee, NH – B.J. Piekarski has been racing most of his life, but this past weekend he captured the biggest win of his career at the annual Oktoberfest racing weekend at Lee USA Speedway in Lee, NH. The Nashua native only competed in three races this season and had a 5th place and a 3rd place finish before winning Sunday’s Late Model stock car event. Piekarski started 12th in the event and knew early on that he was going to be a contender for the win. This certainly wasn’t the case when they rolled the car off the trailer on Friday for practice.

The three-day race weekend kicked off Friday with a practice session for all teams. Piekarski’s PBJ Motorsports team used the session to bed new brakes and test a new carburetor. After the session ended Piekarski said, “The car is good. We can definitely compete in the top ten.”

But, like all racers, Piekarski didn’t come to this event to just race well. He wanted to win. On Saturday morning, the team decided to make a track bar adjustment. Unfortunately, during the qualifying race, this proved to be the wrong adjustment. Piekarski did manage to pass a number of cars in the qualifier, but due to the adjustment the car tightened up a great deal.

“Once I felt the car getting tighter and tighter during qualifying, I decided to settle in and produce a decent qualifying run while at the same time feeling out the rest of the car,” said Piekarski. “It amounted to a practice round run,” continued Piekarski.

Piekarski still felt he had a car good enough for a top ten finish as they prepared Sunday morning for the Late Model main event. The PBJ Motorsports team had a plan of adjustments to the car and they hoped they would paid off when the checkers fly.

When the green flag flew, Piekarski knew in four short laps that the team had made the right adjustments and he had the car to beat.

“I can honestly say the car handled perfectly to my liking. I have never driven a car that I could put wherever I wanted to on the track without it getting loose or tightening up,” said Piekarski.

He conveyed this message to his team via radio after testing the outside groove. If you can get a car to stick on the outside at just about any speedway, you are going to be a contender to win. Piekarski quickly started to pass cars as he set his sights on the leader. On lap 29, he passed J.R. Baril for the top spot.

In his ear, Piekarski heard his spotter Mike Rancourt say, “Clear. Now, no mistakes. This is your race!"

Those words were the encouragement Piekarski needed to carry him to the end.

After taking the white flag Piekarski keyed his radio to his spotter, "This is what it's all about right here buddy! This is why we do it!"

In victory lane, Piekarski expressed his thanks to his team and his fellow racers for such a good race.

“I have to tell you, it's been a long time coming, and we have had quite a few bumps in the road. I can’t believe we finally got our first win, especially at the biggest race of the year at Lee! It's absolutely an incredible feeling to know we did it! I owe this win to so many people that kept believing in me, even when I made things more difficult sometimes.”

He continued, “I would like to personally thank all of my fellow racers out there because we all raced each other with respect. That is something that is actually hard to find on the race track.”

After running a limited schedule in 2010, the PBJ Motorsports team is working on plans for 2011 which will include more races at Lee and perhaps a part-time schedule on the American-Canadian Tour where Piekarski was the 2004 Rookie of the Year.

The team is revamping its website in the off-season, but you can still get up-to-date information as next season’s schedule develops at www.pbjmotorsports.com. You can also follow the team on Facebook.

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